As part of RMC’s commitment to recruiting the most talented individuals, we offer unlimited reimbursement for tuition and professional certification, and encourage our employees to continue to develop their professional and personal skills.


RMC partners with the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Computer Science Division to provide scholarship opportunities and engaging internships for students in the IT field. RMC also offers internships in a variety of other disciplines to train and develop students for future full-time work and professional development.


In addition to our longstanding relationship with St. Mary’s College of Maryland, RMC gives back to the local community through charitable donations to various nonprofit organizations and local events. Our founder and CEO were born and raised in St. Mary’s County, and RMC’s commitment to quality extends to the area that made us who we are.

A Letter From Our CEO

RMC, Inc. was founded on a strong commitment to quality, community, and family. RMC’s dedication to providing exceptional service to our customers is balanced by our concern for the well-being of our staff members, who bring RMC its reputation for quality.

RMC’s strongest resource is our people. Their commitment, passion, knowledge, and integrity fuel our growing business. In turn, we actively support each staff member’s continuing professional development through our training and tuition reimbursement programs.

RMC values our relationship with our community. We understand and embrace our duty to give back and strive to mold strong, service-oriented leaders. We avidly support a wide array of community programs and projects in an effort to add greater value to our surroundings and cultivate the next wave of leaders and innovators.

RMC also respects the members of our armed forces who perform the mission of protecting us and our liberties daily. We thank them for their service, and as a team we strive to make the most of the freedoms afforded to us and do our small part to improve this great nation.

Whether a client or staff member, I want your experience with RMC to be fulfilling. I’m proud of what RMC has accomplished over the past two decades, and I’m excited as we look toward the future.

Kevin Cooley, CEO

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